NEW SpiroTEL pocket spirometer with Telemedicine (Optional SpO2) (MIR)
Product Number: MR910520

A pocket-size spirometer which allows monitoring of patients via telemedicine. Ideal for asthmatics, transplant patients and drug studies.

Measures FVC, FEV1, PEF, FEV1 %, FEF 25-75, FET, F/V curve.

Includes test quality control and “traffic light” classification as an aid to diagnosis. Stores approximately 1000 tests (equivalent to 1 year of usage).

The test data can be downloaded to a PC or can be easily transmitted to the doctor via telephone without a modem at the patient site.

NEW Optional Oximetry option: With the oximetry option, Spirotel is able to record the values of SpO2 as well as heart rate (BPM), with instant and overnight readings.