Disposable Cardboard mouthpieces
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Our disposable cardboard mouthpieces are made from durable white cardboard and designed for single patient use.  They are plastic-coated to stop adhesion of oral tissue to the moutpiece.

They are available in a variety of sizes to fit most pulmonary function equipment and are packaged in convenient Dispenser Boxes of 250 pieces, or Bulk bags.

RX1021 - Mouthpiece Disposable 0.795" ID x 0.865" OD
RX1022 - Mouthpiece Disposable 0.936" ID x 1.000" OD
RX1023 - Mouthpiece Disposable 0.985" ID X 1.075" OD
RX1025 - Mouthpiece Disposable 1.121" ID x 1.185" OD
RX1025L - Mouthpiece Disposable, longer (5" long)
  1.121" ID x 1.185" OD
RX1026 - Mouthpiece Disposable 1.257"ID X 1.325"OD

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