Cadwell Cascade Elite EMG/EP/IOM system
Product Number: CAD972002X

Cascade Elite base unit

  • Supports Cascade 3.0 Classic and Cascade 3.0 Surgical Studio software platforms

  • 32 channels and 64 inputs

  • All-modality monitoring

  • Base unit can be placed at bedside, on IV pole, equipment shelf or Jackson table

  • Water resistant base unit (rated to IP64)

  • Patented shielding on extender pods reduces noise and provides surge protection

  • Patented quick-connect cable fasteners speed setup and teardown

  • Five electrical stimulator box options

  • Automatic interleaving

  • Automatic train-of-four testing

ES-IX 2 Stimulator

  • 8 high current (0-100 mA) outputs

  • 1 low current/voltage output that is software-configurable to 4 modes of operation

  • Two stimulators can be daisy-chained

  • Reverse polarity, biphasic stimulation, rapid trains, and current sensing available
    for all outputs

TCS-4 Transcranial Stimulator

  • Delivers high voltage, rapid trains of up to 9 pulses (all delivering up to 1000 V)

  • Place multiple TCeMEP stim montages and utilize the one that evokes the best response