D-B80 Butterfly Coil
Product Number: MV9016E0431

- Diameter: 2 x 95mm
- Angulated 120º
- Pulses before warmup: 500
- Trigger button
- Compatible with R30, R100 & X100
- Usable with MagPro Compact w/ converter


Opened butterfly design for powerful stimulation. The coil is suitable for deep stimulation. The coil is slightly bend to closely follow curved shapes. Equipped with trigger button to support clinical operation.


Mechanical Properties:
Weight of transducer head 900g
Cable length 1,7m
Angle 120°C


Coil Winding Data:
Inner diameter 67mm
Outer diameter 95mm
Winding height 12mm
Number of windings 2 x (3+4)


Magnetic and Electrical Properties:
Max initial dB/dt 31 kT/s near the coil surface.
Active pulse width 280µs (Biphasic)


Number of stimulations, before warm-up at ambient temperature 20°C: Mean output 75% of maximum at 1 pps, 500 pulses