COSMED QuarkCPET Metabolic Testing System
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Research grade stationary system for accurate and reliable assessment of the physiological response to exercise.  Its high quality component and super-fast analysers assure unsurpassed accuracy, reliability and real breath-by-breath
analysis of pulmonary gas exhange, even at high intensity exercises.

• Fast response paramagnetic O2 sensor
• Optional 7-liter mixing chamber
• Fully integrated 12-lead ECG for Stress Testing (optional)
• Nutritional assessment with face mask or optional canopy hood
• Full spirometry and optional exercise SpO2 monitoring
• Available in multiple configurations including fully integrated
  12-lead ECG Stress Testing, Canopy Nutritional Assessment,
  Pulse Oximetry and a wide range of ergometers.
• Featuring OMNIA, the easy-to-use and powerful software that
  guides the user through calibration and test execution.
• Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 - Multi-user
  networking via Microsoft SQL database
• Fully LDAP ready for hospital IT simplicity
  (Single sign-on using your domain credentials)

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