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Accurate Indirect Calorimetry measurement in mechanically-assisted patients.

•  Allows accurate measurement of energy requirements
   of patients in Intensive Care Units
•  In-line Measurement within Patient’s Circuit (with
   disposable pneumotac) – simplifies measurements
   (no need to compensate for bias-flow, etc.)
•  Indirect calorimetry (continuous VO2, VCO2)
•  Substrate of metabolism (RQ, %FAT, %CHO, %PRO)
•  Suitable for subjects from 15kg and above
•  Accuracy and reliability validated against Deltatrac
•  Featuring OMNIA, powerful, easy-to-use
   software with optional touch screen user interface
•  Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 –
   Multi-user networking via Microsoft SQL data base
•  Fully LDAP ready for hospital IT simplicity -
   (Single sign-on using your domain credentials)

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