Nonin GO2 Finger oximeter for personnal home use
Product Number: NN9570-EN

The Nonin GO2 home pulse oximeter lets patients monitor their oxygen levels while exercising, walking, biking, at home or during air travel. The small, portable Nonin GO2 home pulse oximeter is rugged and durable and easy to use.  Just clip on the fingertip.

  • Only Nonin home pulse oximeters have PureSAT® Technology, which is precise enough to measure the oxygen level from each pulse.
  • The many other finger pulse oximeters for sale are less precise and need to calculate an average oxygen level across numerous pulses, which often results in delayed or inaccurate readings. 

Proven Performance in a comparison study:
In a comparison study in which a person's oxygen level dropped from 98% to 74%, only the Nonin GO2 home pulse oximeter showed the true low oxygen reading. A primary competitor's pulse oximeter showed the person's oxygen level reading dropping to 96% when the true reading was 74%.