Mortara ELI 250 ECG 12-lead
Product Number: MTABUR250C-C1X

Full-featured and durable ECG with a range of connectivity options.
- Compact and Lightweight
- High-resolution color LCD display (240 x 320)
- Storage of 40 ECGs or 5 min. of Full Disclosure
- OPTIONAL expanded memory to 200 ECGs
- Real-time preview of 12-lead ECG and Post-acquisition review
of acquired ECG
- Widely recognized Mortara VERITAS Interpretation algorithm with
adult & pediatric criteria
- Choice of traditional or optional Wireless ECG acquisition
- Automatically selects and displays best 10 seconds of ECG signal
from the 5 minute segment of internal full disclosure
- Full alphanumeric keyboard with dedicated "one-touch" function keys
- Bidirectional communication via USB, USB memory stick, internal modem

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