Mortara Vision 5 Holter System
Product Number: MTABURV53H-0-KIT

• Retrospective, prospective, and superimposition scanning modes are supported
to enable both traditional and advanced scanning options.
• Atrial fibrillation detection, heart rate variability (HRV) calculations,
pacemaker detection, ST Segment and QT/QTc measurement are automatic
and come standard with the unit.
• 99.9% Accuracy for QRS detection - According to studies using the American
Heart Association (AHA) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
standardized databases.
• Easily transfer complete patient reports between Vision 5 and various
Information Systems.
• Automatic strips enable rapid reporting of results, which in turn helps to
optimize clinicians' time.
• Final results can be sent eletronically (in PDF and XML formats).

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