MC-B70 - Butterfly Coil
Product Number: MV9016E0564

- Diameter: 2 x 97mm
- Angulated 150º
- Pulses before warmup: 400
- Trigger button
- Compatible with R30, R100 & X100
- Usable with MagPro Compact w/ converter


Suitable coil for focused stimulation. The coil is produced with a slight bend to closely follow the shape of the head. Equipped with trigger button to support clinical operation.


Mechanical Properties:

  • Weight of transducer head 1.1 kg.
  • Cable length 1,7 m.
  • Dimensions of transducer head 169 x 112 x 16/33 mm.


Coil Winding Data:

  • Inner diameter 27mm
  • Outer diameter 97mm
  • Winding height 6mm
  • Number of windings 2 x 10


Magnetic and Electrical Properties:

  • Max initial dB/dt 31 kT/s near the coil surface.
  • Active pulse width 280µs (Biphasic).



  • Number of stimulations before warm-up at ambient temperature at 20°C: Mean output 75% of maximum at 1pps. 
  • 400 pulses.