RX1465 - Viral/Bacterial Filter
Product Number: RX1465

Protect your patient and your instruments with Roxon Viral/Bacterial Filter

Roxon viral/bacterial filter provide a high degree of protection for the patient as well as your testing equipment, while its low resistance allows for accurate testing results.

  • Cost effective testing
  • Disposable: Single patient test session use
  • 99.9% Bacterial filtration efficiency
  • 99.9% Viral filtration efficiency
  • Low resistance
  • Low dead space within ATS guidelines
  • 45ml when measured without tube fittings
  • Free sample pack available upon request
  • Individually sealed
  • Fits instruments with 35mm ports

Manufacturer                       Models

Cybermedic               Moose
SensorMedics            2450, Vmax, 2200, Graphic Series G70M, 2400, 2800, 6200
PDS/S&M                  Keystone
Gould                       5004
Spirolink                   All Models


Available in 3 sizes to fit most instruments
(cardboard mouthpiece not included and may not be required depending on the equipment)

  • Part# RX1465 (PDS8300) 35mm Port: Fits: SensorMedics, Colins
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