MR910004 - FlowMir - Disposable Turbine with mouthpiece
Product Number: MR910004

FlowMir is designed for use with MIR spirometers, is already calibrated and is factory tested using sophisticated instruments.

FlowMir substitutes the antibacterial filter at reduced cost
   Hygienically packed in a clean room
   Single packaging
   Eliminates staff clean-up time

A full spirometry session can be done, including a bronchial challenge test, using one FlowMir. The small sensor can be used on both adult and pediatric patients and it is an inexpensive alternative to a costly reusable turbine

Always accurate

Not affected by variations in ambient conditions:

Spirometry standard

FlowMir complies with American Thoracic Society standards for accuracy (ATS-24/26 waveforms)

Volume accuracy: +/- 3% or 50mL

Flow accuracy: +/- 5% or 200 mL/s

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